Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cream Tea

I rarely compose a blog simply for the edification of my readers. This is the exception that proves the rule.

Today I purchased the ingredients for a Devon Cream Tea (DCT). These are ingredients that could also be used for a Cornish Cream Tea (CCT).

Some of you will know the difference between a DCT and a CCT but I have just established that ingredients is not a difference.

This point is arguable, read on.

I bought clotted cream (which is so yummy and scrummy and heart attack inducing), a good quality strawberry jam, and some plain scones.

One could argue that a CCT could be served using a sweet white bread roll in lieu of a scone but I think that view is outdated. Some would say butter would also be necessary for the CCT.

To create a DCT one splits the scone in two and then starts assembly. Scoop a large amount of clotted cream onto the scone halves and then dollop a significant amount of the jam. Once completed one needs to feel that the scone is barely supporting the cream and jam and whilst it's being eaten it should be a struggle to eat it delicately.

To create a CCT one starts again by splitting the scone. The key difference with a CCT is the order of jam and cream. Some believe that butter is required first but, leaving their preferences aside, one should spread jam first and then cover in clotted cream.

It should be pointed out, that for both cream teas, one never ever places the second half of the scone on top of the assembled delight. I know there are plenty of images on the web showing this but it is just plain wrong.

As this has been an educational piece I feel references are required. Try here, and here.

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