Sunday, 15 June 2008

Relaxing bath

I know a bath is supposed to be a relaxing experience but it doesn't do it for me.

As I'm in the bath, I find myself looking at the ceiling.

Our bathroom is relatively new, but not wearing particularly well. We have a false ceiling with recessed halogen downlights.

The bulb is surrounded by a circle of chrome and this is supposed to sit a tiny bit proud of the surrounding plaster. To change the bulb one need to fiddle with the whole arrangement and whilst fiddling I can see that the plasterwork around most of the chrome circles has been damaged and needs repairing.

That's just the start. Then my mind starts to go on to think about all of the other jobs that need doing on the house and I end up twitching with stress.

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Anonymous said...

Work only increases ... we had a large patio area that hadn't been cleaned for years, so I borrowed a pressure washer from a generous lady at work ... one hot weekend later and patio looks shiny and clean, great ... now we have a really serious problem, the drains are well blocked with all that sand and moss and muck! D'oh!