Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Messy Jessie

Christian and Reiner were in the UK today and whenever they've been in the UK on a business trip before I've felt guilty that we haven't looked after them. In the evening I've always been rushing home to collect, feed and bathe children.

Today I suggested that Christian, Reiner, Shona and I go for a meal in a very English pub. This prompted a discussion about English versus German cuisine. Christian decided he needed to persuade us that German food can be great. I think that when I said the best food I had in Germany was in a French restaurant.

He suggested that we go shopping for ingredients and then he'd cook us a meal. He'd need a kitchen. Would my kitchen do?

Impulsive stuff is usually my thing. But my colleagues in my house before I've had a chance to tidy it, even a little bit?

I knew that we'd be arriving as the kids would be going through their bedtime routine which would be fine except that the house exhibits even more chaos at that time of day.

Plus things need cleaning. The kitchen floor is likely to need cleaning after the children's messy tea, the oven simply wouldn't be presentable. (How many people have an oven they'd be happy for a colleague to inspect?) Chances are there would still be crockery from breakfast waiting near the sink.

I knew my gym kit from last night's workout would still be lying on the floor next to the washing machine. The ever growing mountain of paperwork that is increasingly unstable would still be in evidence.

All of these little things said "I need advanced warning." And if you think I'm exaggerating about the state of my house, just ask Tracey what her impressions were when we made an unplanned diversion to my house one lunchtime.

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