Wednesday, 28 March 2007

An apple a day

Chatting with the girls yesterday over lunch we discovered that we all shared something in common.

We accumulate health concerns and wait until we have a list before we venture into a doctor's surgery.

My list has four things on it and I'll probably take the trip when the list gets to six items, either that or there's something significant on the list.

And yet it's a fact that women visit doctors more frequently than men. I know men are more reticent about seeking help.

I wonder if this is why health insurance is more costly for women than men. I've previously thought the premiums were higher because statistically women live longer then men so there's more time for more things to go wrong.

I wonder if men bundle problems or whether they go for single items.

Jane was saying that once, when she bundled three symptoms, her doctor, quite stroppily told her "Three things, three appointments."

I thought that was a little harsh. Maybe there should be a rule that one significant thing equals one appointment, but perhaps three minor ailments could be combined into one appointment.

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