Monday, 12 March 2007

Can you guess who it is yet?

I saw somebody famous today and I never see anybody famous, ever.

My problem is that I'd rather have seen somebody other than this particular chinless wonder.

I'd rather have seen most people actually rather than this vacuous individual who is all spin and no substance - all mouth and no trousers.

So how many of you guessed I spotted David Cameron at Liverpool Street station this morning?
Well because I honestly never see someone famous, I had to check my eyes weren't deceiving me. So I visited to see if I could view an itinerary for the day - nothing.

But his website is just a blogfest. There's his blog, guest blogs and Joe Public blogs.

Anyway every week he answers questions posted on his blog by Joe Public. Questions can be voted on once they've been posted and he answers the three with the most votes.

So I posted a question, and my question was "Was it you at Liverpool Street at 9:00am on March 12th?"

So, if you can be bothered, please visit the chinless wonder's site and vote for my question. It would be sooo funny if he had to answer something so daft. Let's face it he never answers a question properly so it would be interesting to see how he deals with such a straightforward simple question.


northernlight said...

Has he answered your question yet? Do you think it was the real thing or a David Cameron look-alikey? Does such an animal exist.. I will find out.

Ann said...

Think it was him but he did look like he finished school last week.

northernlight said...

Maybe it was this guy