Monday, 26 March 2007

I love Monday P.S.

Oh, and when I get off the train on the way home, on my way to the car park I look for my car keys. I look in my handbag. I look in my backpack. I look in my pockets.

I look in my handbag again. I look in my backpack again. I check my pockets again. I check my pockets again.

I check my handbag a third time. And instead of pulling out my keys, I pull out my phone.

I interrupt Dave in a meeting.

"Hi. I've been an idiot. I've left my keys in London. The only way I can pick the kids up is to get a cab."

"Do you want me to pick someone up?"

"Yes please. What a nightmare. What an idiot. I'll pick up Hannah because we can walk home. Can you pick up Ethan?"

"Yes, not a problem. Where are you now?"

"In the ruddy station car park."

"OK, I'll leave now. I'll finish up and get straight in the car."

"Er." I'd been re-investigating my options for key hiding places. "It's OK. I've found my keys. Er, sorry. See you later."


northernlight said...

At least you found the buggers. All keys and other everyday and highly useful objects should be electronically tagged I reckon

Ann said...

You see the problem with this is that it's not difficult to find places to keep these items, it's just difficult to find a place in the brain to store the information on where I've put things.