Friday, 9 March 2007


I'm not happy with our neighbours (on one side). They aren't horrendous, they're just irritating.

They park vehicles on double yellow lines in a spot opposite our house which is dangerous because it's near a junction. They never get a ticket because they use a disabled badge which gives them carte blanche. They have a daughter that qualifies for a disabled badge. Why that allows them to use the badge when the car is parked across the road from their own house when there's space on their drive, I don't know. And I don't want you going all sympathetic for the disabled daughter - if she needs to have the car nearby then surely the car should be closer to the house - i.e. on the drive (oh, and she has all of her limbs and they seem don't seem to stop her playing in the back garden and jumping on a trampoline etc. etc.)

Then there's the "can we borrow your hosepipe ?" "Sure, no problem" we say, and then we see why. They've rented a swimming pool and, hours later, we can turn the water metered tap off because their pool is full.

Then there's the fact that 'she' has seemingly lost about 10 stone without surgery. Admittedly this just makes me jealous of her committment and willpower but it still falls into the irritating box.

Then there's the planning application that would have seen their house demolished and replaced with 10 four storey flats (oh, and them becoming millionaires).

Then there's the fire, left unattended that burned their wooden shed, nearly burned their wooden garage containing petrol, and which melted our garage guttering - for which there was no apology despite the fact that we were the ones that called the fire brigade and we tried to put the fire out with our hose. Their attempt to control 12 foot flames was a measuring jug of water from the kitchen. Maybe I foiled an insurance job....

And he runs a boxing supplies firm and I don't like boxing. This might seem petty but I'm just getting everything off my chest.

And lastly, people ask me whether anyone lives there because they don't maintain it. Fences have come down, windows are rotting, etc. etc. It looks more like a student squat than a family home.

Oh, and we always hand deliver a Christmas card and we've never had one back. I think maybe they don't like us.


northernlight said...

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything to sort them out that is not either a) an act of criminal damage or b) involves buying a burrowing pet and sending it towards their garden to dig it up which is probably criminal damage.

Ann said...

Or move house?

northernlight said...

But your house is lovely and why should you have to move just because of the gits next door.

Ann said...

Would that be the leaky house with the crumbling plaster and the fally down walls?

I know. I want to grow old disgracefully here.