Wednesday, 7 March 2007

More poo

In one of my less self absorbed, self pitying moments yesterday I had a chat with Tracey - always a delight. There are some people who just make the office a better place to be.

Anyway Tracey and I started to talk about tossers which led me to the tosser/hurler thread which led to a description of the poo saga.

Tracey encouraged me to check the contents of the bag, something many of you have suggested privately. I think you just want me to get poo on my hands. She also, originally, thought it was just lazy dog walkers.

Tracey is a devoted dog owner and tells me that she sees many discarded poo bags in the woods where she walks her dogs. But then, after a little bit of thought she came up with another theory. Sort of a theory overlay really.

Most of the poo bags that Tracey sees are just discarded near the path. Tracey being a good citizen takes her own poo bags (well her bags but with her dog's poo) home with her. She said she often just leaves them near the bin when she gets home, to be dealt with later. And foxes move the bags.

Her theory is that dog poo smells of dog food (I've not been in the habit of smelling dog poo so will take her word for it) and they lift and carry the bags, presumably with the intention of eating the contents - yuk.

So to add to the theory list, the bags in our garden could have been discarded at the kerbside and from there transported into the garden by Foxy Loxy.

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