Monday, 26 March 2007

I love Monday

So I'm at the train station at the usual time, and as usual there isn't a seat. I'm not even one of the sad people that rushes to get into the first carriage so they don't have as far to walk at Liverpool Street.

So i stand, and I've forgotten my headphones so instead of listening to the Geoff Show (Virgin radio's most excellent podcast) I get to contemplate life, which isn't so bad except that life doesn't seem too thrilling when you're tired and standing on a train with nothing to do or read or hear.

I arrive and follow the crowds down into the bowels of the tube network to take the Central line. As usual the crowd on the platform is about seven deep. I wait for two trains to come in, and go out, and decide my chances of getting on a train are slim and my chances of sitting down are even slimmer. So I decided to do what Brendan does. He goes in the wrong direction for one stop to Bethnal Green and then switches platforms. This seems counter intuitive but I thought I'd give it ago.

Well the tube going east was empty and so was the platform. Coming back west into town from Bethnal Green was a little busier. Three deep on the platform but I managed to get on the first train in. I was still standing up all the way to Tottenham Court Road. And, as I passed through Liverpool Street I checked to see if any of the people who had been waiting at the same time as me, were still there. They weren't. Not a true test though because I had wasted time waiting for two trains before I switched tack.

So at Tott Ct Rd I switch to the delightful, delovely, Northern line. Joy, a seat. A chance to read the Metro I picked up at Liverpool Street, and actually the five stops or so is about the right amount of time to gleen everything I need to know from the free rag.

I arrive at my destination and then I need food and a drink and realise I have no cash. Back out to the cashpoint and then I succumb to a Costa and a croissant. Bad girl.

And then I boot up the laptop and open my calendar and realise I have and audio that's just started, except I haven't got the number and by the time I find the number I'll be late.

I love Monday.


northernlight said...

Is it any wonder that we are a nation of car lovers?

northernlight said...

I realise that I am turning into Lynda Lee Potter. Not good..

Ann said...

Well, Lynda, I can see the attraction of a car for many journeys, but not the hike into London.