Sunday, 18 March 2007


Children often, but not always, have a comforter.

For some children it's a blanket, for others a muslin. Some have teddy bears where others have rabbits. In fact some companies even market soft toys that are designed to be comforters or doudou.

Anyway for Hannah it's her teddy. Teddy was a girl teddy called Buttercup but we sort of lost sight of this and teddy became a boy called Teddy. When Hannah was old enough to understand we explained that Teddy was really a girl called Buttercup so Teddy is now transgender. He is Teddy most days but becomes Buttercup when Hannah is explaining Teddy's real name.

Tonight, putting Hannah to bed, it became apparent that Teddy (Buttercup on weekends) was missing.

Hannah searched the house - nothing.

I searched the house - nothing.

I got a bit wound up because it's bedtime and the last thing I need is a Teddy emergency. I told Hannah to pick another toy and she picked Doggo. You can see we have a creative flair for naming toys. I'll give you one guess what the dolly is called.

I promised I'd have another look and if I found him I'd pop him into her bed. I've looked and I'm convinced Ted is hiding in Ethan's room and I'm not going to wake a sleeping child so Hannah will have to go through a reunion in the morning.


northernlight said...

I hope Teddy/Buttercup turns up. I have a lot of recent history with losing important things, so can emphathise

Anonymous said...

I have recently purchased 'Monkey 2' (as you can see we also interesting cuddly toy names!), in case of such emergency. I'm sure it will turn up, just like in Dogger :) Jo

Ann said...

I sneaked into Ethan's room and my suspicions were correct, young Buttercup was hiding. Managed to retrieve, retreat, deliver and retreat without waking a soul.

stuffed animals gifts said...

Cheer someone up who doesn't feel well. Wearing a flannel robe with hankie, and adorable fuzzy slippers, teddy bears will be a companion in good times and bad.