Friday, 16 March 2007

Fire fire

My car's dirty.

There's nothing too unusual about that.

The firestation are doing a charity car wash tomorrow.

Now I'm sure that you are putting two and two together and getting four, only it isn't that simple.

Stefan, at work, has this thing about me being obsessed by firemen.

Now let's just understand where this comes from.

I took Hannah to see the Fireman Sam show which was followed up by a trip to Southend fire station, all of which was organised by someone else.

I went to the local fire station open day because my son is obsessed by emergency service vehicles.

Hannah's best artwork, to date, has been a picture of a fire engine (done at nursery) but on display at my desk at work.

So do I add fuel to his fire by supporting charity (and getting an eyeful) tomorrow?

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