Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Poo poo poo

Someone asked for an update on the poo tosser.

Well firstly, I'd like to say I think I described the poo person as a hurler, rather than a tosser.

You see I quite like the ambiguity of the term tosser but I think it's a term best used to describe a man and the anonymous poo hurler may be a woman. In which case she's a bint.

As an aside I thought I should check the term bint and found an interesting site www.urbandictionary.com. Now if you check this site out - I'm going for definition 3. Some of the others are perhaps too OTT.

Anyway - update (could someone provide News at 10 dramatic music please):


There is an update on the poo in Brentwood saga.


There is cat poo in the front garden.


But it's not in a bag.


Detectives think it's unrelated.


I'm not too sure about the bongs or the timing but there is a squidgy cat poo in the front garden. And OK, I know calling what we have as a garden is a bit grandiose but it's a bit of land at the front of the house - what else is it? You can't park a car on it and it has got a huge Magnolia tree in one corner and Alan Titchmarsh and Diurmud Gavin both use concrete in their garden creations!

And I don't know the poo is squidgy because I've touched or stepped in it. It just doesn't look overly stable.

Enough poo I think....


northernlight said...

We are always surrounded by poo at our house - but that's another story.

Ann said...

Surrounded by poo sounds rather suffocating. Immersed in poo.

Do you mean in the house, understandable with a baby around, or out of the house - perhaps more disturbing?

northernlight said...

Mostly in the house. Usually nappy related. Any cats that come within a mile of our garden are machine gunned. (Or we set the baby on them).