Saturday, 17 March 2007

Shiny car/bus/MPV

Well I took the advice and went to the fire station.

Naturally I took the children because it was a bit of an adventure for them.

And of course I applied a bit of mascara, foundation and a touch of lipstick, only because I'm getting to the age where, if anyone other than my closest friends and relations are going to see me, I need assistance with my appearance.

Hannah stayed in the bus (OK - big car, or, for the pedants among you, the MPV). Ethan and I got out and I lifted him up so he could see into the fire engine cabs.

Hannah and Ethan both got stickers, the Frances the Firefly story (which is a bit lame) and a poster - "Get out", "Get the Brigade out", "Stay out", which has reminded me that the children do need to know how to get out of the house if there's a fire. I don't want them hiding in the wardrobe.

Hannah tells me they waved at her while Ethan and I were appraising the appliances and when Ethan and I got back in the car we counted the number of firefighters washing my bus/car/MPV - five. I wasn't complaining.

They were very impressed with my handbrake.

I was very impressed with the service.


northernlight said...

I am very impressed that you managed to get 5 firemen washing your car. I hope they were all easy on the eye...

Ann said...

Some were, some weren't. On balance it was an agreeable view. :)