Saturday, 10 March 2007

Did you know

that Green and Blacks sell loads of yummy chocolate thingies.

They sent me an e-mail reminding me of Mother's Day. Very kind of them but my own dear mother died 17 years ago so I won't be buying for her. And talking to me about Mother's Day right now is just likely to initiate a rant.

Where do you think my husband (and the father of my children) ought to be on Mother's Day?

Maybe, just maybe, at home or at least visiting his own mother?

No, that would be too boring and predictable. No, my husband will be leaving the house at about 5:00am to go skiing with someone I barely know, for a few days!!

But don't you worry. I'm not bitter, or twisted. In fact I have encouraged him to go and have fun. But that's just because I'm a nice wife.

I'm a fairly useless wife in terms of the usual expected domestic responsibilities, but I make up for it by doing things like this, saying "No, it's OK. Leave me on my own with the kids and a stressful job for 5 days, I'll be fine. You go and enjoy yourself."

(I shouldn't write blogs when I've been drinking. Hic!)

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