Saturday, 24 March 2007

Thank you dear

Husband returned form 5 days skiing (well one day getting there, one day getting back, three days skiing) on Thursday.

I knew he'd bought presents for the children because in one of his 'I'm being a good husband' telephone calls he had mentioned it.

This is how the conversation went.

D: "I got you a present."
A: "Really, that's nice."
D: "Yes, Geneva airport is stuffed full of fantastic expensive watches."
A: "So you got me a watch?"
D: "No I got you something you'll like even more."
A: "Really?"
D: "Yes, here it is."
A: "Er no. I don't think so.

Because he had handed me a plastic pot of chocolate fondue stuff.

I'm not very materialistic and I don't have an expensive watch. I still don't have an expensive watch. But even though meltable chocolate in a plastic pot is nice, it doesn't beat a nice watch.


northernlight said...

It is a shame about the expensive watch. I opened my ski-guilt pressie and said: "Great, another garish jumper. Oops, I mean thanks. It is lovely."

Ann said...

To be honest, receiving nothing would be better than a jumper I didn't like but would be expected to wear.