Thursday, 22 March 2007

Odd or interesting

OK, I gave you an opportunity but the submitted material wasn't quite what I thought I might get. It didn't necessarily inform the reader.

So here are my own top 10 things that are either odd or interesting about me, I know - several months late. Maybe I should add that I'm always late with stuff.

1. I have an undiagnosed physical deformity that means I am unable to stand with my legs straight and toes, heels and knees together.
2. When was ten years old my parents sent me to France to stay, for six weeks, with a family that didn't speak English.
3. Both of my children each weighed more than 10lbs at birth.
4. I used to steal my brother's Jelly Tots.
5. I've had major abdominal surgery without a general anaesthetic.
6. I was on the other side of the world when my mum died, and I still feel guilty.
7. I've camped in a tent and been woken up by a baby cheetah poking its head through the tent door.
8. My first car was a Ford Falcon stationwagon that we called "The General."
9. I have unpaid parking fines.
10. I have spent a night in a prison cell.


northernlight said...

Blimey. I didn't know you had spent the night in a prison cell. The bit about the baby Cheetah and the tent is cool. (Although at the time, I bet it was scary.)

Ann said...

Yep, and I was pregnant at the time - knocked up and locked up.

The cheetah wasn't scary, just very, very, very cute.

northernlight said...

How did you managed to be locked up and knocked up at the same time?
Don't answer the second part of the question, as I realised how you got pregnant...

Ann said...

Locked up? I was asking for it. I'll tell you when I see you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't know most of those things about you. Either that or you told me them when we were both drunk so I've forgotten, or you told me before I had children - after that I forgot everything! Next blog entry please: My Night in the Nick, I'm curious! Jo