Tuesday, 20 March 2007

And at school today

Stefan was at the fireman thing again today on more than one occasion.

Firstly it was the suggestion, in the team meeting, that my project should be called 'Fireman."

The next was a great big fuss about the picture Hannah had drawn for me of the fire engine.

There was something positive about this last occurrance. The picture had fallen down and wasn't on the wall of my cube (they house us like rats). After admonishing me for being a bad mother, something to which I freely admit, he did try and use pins to stick it back onto the wall. I stopped him immediately because pins make holes in the paper, and I know it's only a picture by a four year old, but I didn't want it spoilt or defaced.

I said I wanted it attached using magnets and off he went in search. He found some on Gary's desk and hesitated. He was worried Gary would notice they were missing and that's when I showed my criminal side. I said "He wouldn't know it was you that took them." And then Stefan, who clearly holds me in high regard, said "Yeah, but when Gary asks you if you saw someone taking his magnets you'll just tell him it was me." To which I replied "No I won't!"

So that was it, my day at school, I mean work.

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