Thursday, 29 March 2007

Tomorrow will be horrid

Tomorrow will be horrid. And I'm an optimist.

Firstly I think I'll go to the Eucharist thing at the school. Don't really know what that entails but I do know there's tea and cake afterwards. Well they've requested cakes, and unusually for me, I've decided to bake (Oat and choc chip muffins), even though I know I won't have the time to stay for refreshments and chat.

The Eucharist (what is a Euchathingy anyway? - Wiki wasn't much help) starts at 9:10 (inconveniently timed for just the time when I would be at home enjoying a cup of coffee on a normal Friday). This means I drop Hannah at school at 8:45, get home by 8:57 and then leave immediately to get back to the school. I know the logical thing to do is stay at the school but I'd almost prefer to walk home. I guess I could use that time to take my home baking to the school office, but I've been instructed to do that before school starts. Bear in mind I'll have Ethan with me which makes anything more logistically complicated.

And after the Eurathingy I'll have to leg it home to be able to get Ethan to his swimming lesson. He's too little to go in on his own which means we'll both stink of chlorine for the rest of the day, oh, and my hair will look a mess (but actually it looks a mess every day now).

After swimming it's get Ethan home and get some lunch sorted for both of us.

When we've (I mean I've) cleared up the debris from small boy eating then it's time to pack the car for a trip to Devon. That's pack stuff for me, Dave, Hannah and Ethan. That's clothes, toys, beakers, nappies, wipes, Easter gifts/eggs, amusement for car journeys, twin screen portable DVD player (it's first outing) and DVDs (kiddie ones) and things I'll forget.

We plan to go down to Devon after Hannah escapes from school tomorrow. Which is a great theoretical way of avoiding the M25 rush hour but in reality means I'll be stuck in a traffic jam with rising blood pressure and increasingly fractious children (I really hope the DVD thing works).

At some point we'll need a meal and, unless I can be bothered to make a packed lunch, that's about £30 in a service station on the M4 or A303 depending on how the mood takes us when we join the M25 (north, south, north, south?)

So with a departure time of 3:30, we'll probably hit my brother's house at about 9:00.

And we'll be knackered.


northernlight said...

Sounds like a very busy day. Will you actually have any time to yourself at all tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

Heres hoping its not quite as bad as you'd imagined :)
Good luck on the car journey. Jo