Monday, 18 June 2007

Abandoned principles

You are probably aware that in London there are a number of free newspapers available morning and evening. I think there are about four. There's City A.M., Metro, The London Paper and London Lite.

Now previously I have considered this to be a bad thing, a waste of resources producing something that people don't really need. And there have been video cam wars between a couple of these papers showing the distributors disposing of excess stock in large bins. This allows them to inflate circulation figures and thereby increase advertising revenues.

Recently, however, I have served to perpetuate and encourage this waste.

For the last four or five times I have approached the London Lite distributor outside Euston Square station and requested all of the papers she's holding.

At this point, I imagine you have two questions:
1) Why London Lite?

2) Why do I need all of these papers?

Well London Lite is the only paper that claims to be printed with ink that doesn't come off.

And I need about 40 papers for Hannah's birthday party, which begs another question: why?
One of the party activities I plan is making an outfit using just newspaper and sellotape with a prize for the best outfits.

Anyway, I feel sorry for the kind lady who's been supplying me with papers as I've probably got all the paper I need which means it's harder for her to shift her quota, and the next time I see her I probably won't want a paper at all but I'll take one because of the guilt I'll feel if I abandon her.

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