Saturday, 16 June 2007

May the force be with you

I know tomorrow is Father's Day, but we decided that the boys needed their treat today.

Jo sorted tickets for the Star Wars exhibition at County Hall (just behind the London Eye) and we managed to keep the detail of the trip secret right until the last minute.

Actually Jo sorted tickets for her husband and I assumed she'd sorted for Dave too, which gave us a bit of a panic this morning, culminating in Jo's conversation with Jonathon who runs the whole Star Wars exhibition and who proved very helpful, even to the point of promising to select our husband's from the audience during the Jedi school performance.

The show is great if you're a Star Wars fan and even if you're not. It has tons of artifacts from the film and there are actors traipsing around the place dressed in very credible outfits.

Hannah and James (Jo and Alex's son) were playing on the floor in one of the rooms, in the way that children do, when Darth Vadar strode through the room. Hannah and James were in his path with the result that they got caught up in his skirt, or cape or whatever. This was a kiddie freak out moment, I think understandably.

Here's a Stormtrooper that was wandering the corridors to give you a feel for the place:

And then there was Jedi school. And no, our husbands weren't picked out of the audience, which was just as well as the average age of those selected was about seven and they would have felt a little out of place.

Jedi school taught a handful of youngsters how to master the light sabre and how to use the force. All of this happening in front of an audience.

The pinnacle of the experience for the Jedi students is a duel with Darth Vadar in which they see him vanquished. It was very well done and the actors did a brilliant job.

Picture here of a defeated Darth Vadar leaving the auditorium:

For those looking for an activity for Father's Day - it's not too late to book....

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