Sunday, 3 June 2007

It's not fair

I apologise now for using this as a platform to vent my frustration, but it's either that or completely lose my temper and say some hurtful things that I don't mean.

You know I was planning to go on a jolly, sailing off the Solent. Note the use of past tense. I can't now because Dave is leaving early to go to Gaydon (Midlands) on the same day for what should be a two day event. Ideally this would mean an overnight stay. Now I did have coverage in the evening with Dave's parents coming over, cutting short a stay with friends to help us out. They were going to leave friends in Devon after breakfast, rather than after lunch, to ensure they were back in time. Well that leaves a gaping hole in childcare in the morning. As my 'event' was deemed to be less worthy, it was the one that was chopped.

And while I'm on the subject of Dave's work commitments getting in the way of me having fun, let's talk about next week. We're having a team meeting offsite with a social event afterwards. The day will be full of presentations and then the plan was that we'd all go to the races at Kempton Park, returning to London at about ten o'clock at night with maybe a few drinks in town to follow.

Well on the same day Dave is going to be in Lommel (Belgium) and it's another overnight stay.

Dave's parents had offered to cut short a bird watching trip to come and help out in the evening (I know - I am really lucky to have the in-laws I've got) and I'd be comfortable with asking for their help until maybe eight in the evening, but to expect them to be in our house just because I'm out getting drunk and having fun seems unfair, especially as the earliest I would be able to get back would be about 11 o'clock. And even that would mean missing in town drinks.

So I'm planning to do the work part of the day and then come home while most of the rest of the team go to the races.

I'm not happy.

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