Thursday, 28 June 2007

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting

The other night I was following my sad routine of sitting on sofa with laptop where it was designed to be - my lap.

After many hours of surfing I decided it was time I went to bed. I headed towards the kitchen to take a dirty mug out there and it felt like some water had fallen onto my skirt or leg. I thought I must have been careless with the way I carried the mug but as I moved a bit further it felt like I'd spilt some more.

I looked down and saw a mark on my skirt and I recognised the mark. I moved the skirt (a long flowy skirt) around to get a closer look.

I screamed, because on the hem of the skirt was a disgusting slug. I've mentioned before we have an indoor slug problem because our house is so old with gaps everywhere.

I took the skirt off immediately and moved the slug and threw it outside and was nearly sick.

I hate slugs. They are disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.


Craig Photography said...

Just found your blog today. You have some cool, intersting stuff. I will be back often..

Peace - John

Ann said...

Amazed that slug infestation floated your boat.

What's the expression - different strokes for different folks.

That sounds rude all of a sudden.