Sunday, 10 June 2007


I have been told our house is haunted.

Up until now I haven't really believed it. I'm not entirely sure I believe it now, but I do think it might be jinxed.

A while back I showed you the wall that needed fixing in the front garden and I mentioned it was the third time it had needed fixing. I could catalogue the 101 things that have gone wrong with our house since we moved in on Christmas Eve, 1999, but if you stick with reading this blog for long enough, I'm sure I'll cover most items. My point is that a lot goes wrong.

The shower in our bathroom is currently in pieces. The control that switches water from taps to shower has been leaking. This has been the case since it was installed when we spent a fortune on having the bathroom 'done' in 2004. As it appeared to leak water into the bath we didn't worry.

We started to worry when the plaster on the associated kitchen wall went a bit funny (technical term). It appears that the plaster on the kitchen wall that is directly under the shower wall has become damp. Without wanting to assume cause and effect, Dave thought he'd take it all apart. (Have I told you Dave's an engineer and therefore prone to dismantling things?)

Anyway, having the upstairs shower in pieces is not normally a problem because there's a shower downstairs.

This weekend we had my brother and his family staying with us.

Yesterday morning Shona, my sister-in-law, was in the shower. There was a rather distraught voice from the shower advising us that the water had gone cold.

About five very chilly minutes for Shona and I'd diagnosed the problem.

Last June we'd had the same problem and after three trips from British Gas (I'm getting my money's worth out of the three star cover) they fixed the problem.

Back to the house being jinxed....

The boiler in the house was fitted new in 2000. It had a fault in 2006 and was fixed by British Gas. Their fix has lasted less than a year. Oh, and it decided to fail when the shower upstairs isn't working either and when we have a house full.

Definitely jinxed.


Anonymous said...

OK hun, there is one thing absolutely guaranteed to make me never want to stay somewhere overnight, and that is telling me its haunted. Please untell me.

Ann said...

Never seen a thing, never heard a thing. It's all lies.

Anonymous said...

Thanking you.