Sunday, 10 June 2007

Customer from hell

I called British Gas to report our boiler problem. Ian, my brother, was listening to the conversation.

He was amused to hear snippets like:

"and could you send an experienced engineer this time please because we ended up having three calls last time around because the first guy was useless"

"So the first appointment you have for me is Wednesday. So we have to have cold showers until then?"

"No that's actually five days of cold showers"

"Yes we do have a fix for when the water runs cold. It involves turning off the shower, running into the kitchen, turning the kitchen tap on full and then getting back into the shower and turning it on."

"Sorry, I just want to make a note of that 'n o t a p r i o r i t y'. I have got that right haven't I, we're not a priority?"

"How much am I paying for this service?"

I know, I know! She was only doing her job. But I didn't raise my voice or use bad language.

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