Monday, 25 June 2007

Birthday blues

It's Hannah's fifth birthday tomorrow.

She's getting a bike from Mummy and Daddy. We went to the bike shop a while ago to choose it.

Today Dave went to pick the bike up. And he realised they had the wrong bike, one without gears. They have the right bike, but it's in the Romford store.

Apparently it's partially our fault as the order had the wrong model on it. Well, as I didn't write the order and I'm not an expert in children's bikes I refute that.

The sting is that the bike we did want is an extra tenner and we have to collect it from Romford if we want Hannah to have it on her birthday.

And she won't be able to wake up on her fifth birthday and rush downstairs to see her present from Mummy and Daddy.

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