Friday, 1 June 2007

Chocolate willy

Last weekend on the way to the campsite I made a note of a couple of things using my phone. This is what I typed:

place called thong
radio 2 comedy
chocolate willy

I saw the note today and started to worry about my mental state. The place called Thong I could recall. On the M2 I saw a signpost for a place called Thong and it made me smile. But the rest was a blank.

Several hours later, with this still buzzing around in my head, I'd had a couple of glasses of wine, and it all became clear.

While we were in the car we were listening to Radio 2. I don't remember exactly what we were listening to but it was a comedy programme. I think it's the normal time of Jonathon Ross' show on Saturday but because it was a bank holiday weekend he had been replaced.

The only thing I can now remember about the show was that the phrase 'chocolate willy' featured quite a bit. After hearing it about five times we switched channels because we had the children in the back of the car. Five seconds later there was a refrain from the back of the car. Both children were chanting, in unison, 'chocolate willy, chocolate willy, chocolate willy'.

I looked at Dave. Dave looked at me. We smirked and tried to pretend we weren't listening.

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