Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Things that make you feel good

This morning, after my presentation to boss's boss (Mark), which went very well - thanks for asking, I was walking back to my desk.

Lianne walked out of her office and said she hadn't seen me for ages and that I was looking good and, get this, I was having a good hair day.

So first thing this morning Dave left the house at six o'clock and on my own I'd managed to I'd get the kids out of the house on time. I'd made it into the office to have enough time to buy some milk from the Pitstop, wash a mug, fill the kettle, make a cup of tea, load presentations onto a memory stick and get to Mark's office 10 minutes early. Then Mark seemed to love the presentation. And to top it all Lianne considered I was having a good hair day.

I know I'm shallow, but does it get any better than that?


v!sh said...

You bet - the hair were looking good yesterday

Ann said...

Thank you sweetie.