Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Age is a funny old thing

Hannah is five years old today. Well a bit later today actually at six minutes to eleven. The pink hospital card with all of her vital stats at birth is pinned to her bedroom door.

Name: Baby Cardus
Date: 26.06.02
Time: 22:54
Sex: Girl
Weight: 10lb 10oz
Head circumference: 36cm
Length: 55cm
Temperature: 36.8
Delivery: LSCS (Caesarian)
Konakian: Yes (Vitamin K injection administered)

What this card didn't mention was the shock of red hair that, together with her unusual birth weight, encouraged staff, patients and visitors to come and have a look at my little girl and say "10lb 10 - makes my eyes water just thinking about it".

And now she's five and has a wobbly tooth. But most importantly she has a brand new shiny purple bike.

And then just the other day there was the report of the ten year old who 'looked 16' according to the judge, and was raped. The rapist got a lenient sentence because the girl dressed provocatively. Difficult to imagine a ten year old being mistaken for 16. Difficult to imagine the victim being just five short years older than Hannah.

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