Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The procrastination of an eejit

Dave is leaving the house tomorrow morning at about six and he's not coming back in the evening. Remember? He's doing something very important that's stopping me from having fun?

I tried to get some time in my boss's boss's diary for tomorrow afternoon. I need to present something. The time I actually got in his diary is 8:30.

So tomorrow morning I have to cope with getting the kids out and delivered to Breakfast Club and Nursery and then get as quickly as possible into work so I can walk straight into a presentation with boss's boss.

To make this more challenging the presentations I'm presenting, combined, probably contain about six hours worth of content. The time I have to present is 30 minutes.

Now I know I can talk quickly and I do tend to skip the fluff when I present, but still. I think I must be some kind of warped masochist (is that tautology?). Why do I make my life difficult?

Sometimes I think it's because I need a kick up the backside.

I've had so much work piling up and it sort of became a big monster. Well this presentation was something I needed to do but, because it'd be difficult, it wasn't happening as quickly as possible. I just didn't see when I'd have the time to do the prep work and then find the time in the diary, etc. etc.

So I bit the bullet and now I am where I am. Still I've opened a bottle of wine....

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