Thursday, 14 June 2007

Big boy pants

Wednesday was a big day for Ethan. He was dressed in big boy pants instead of a nappy for the first time.

Gemma (key worker) advised me that he'd done really well using potty and toilet and he'd only had one accident. I picked him up, told him how clever he was and asked whether he needed the toilet before we left Nursery - he did.

When we got home I made sure that every five minutes I asked him whether he needed toilet or potty. I asked five times and each time the answer was no.

Before I asked the sixth time I knew the question was irrelevant. Because Ethan told me he'd done a poo. In his pants.

He's been in nappies every day since.

I can't do three strikes and you're out. When it comes to dealing with poo - one strike and you're out.

Those who have dealt with the full poo in pants scenario will understand. Those who haven't, won't understand why it's worse than poo in nappy.

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