Monday, 4 June 2007

I think I get it

Some people get web 2.0, some people don't.

I think I do but I don't get it completely.

I understand the value of a lot of it but I don't see the point in many of the bits that I come across. I don't think I'm alone.

We use the bits that work for our lifestyles, the things that help us or provide us with entertainment.

Many of us are disappointed with the entertainment that is available via other channels. We're time poor and not very good at commitment.

The web gives us an environment that allows us to dip in or dip out. It's portable and it's endless.

Radio is portable too, but let's face it you can get that on the web.

Books can be downloaded.

TV can be downloaded.

You might argue that the recent expansion in TVR such as Sky+ mean we can schedule TV around our lives but I would argue this isn't true. You have to be at home to watch TV, you can't dip in for a quick two minutes at work. I know it's possible to download programmes to be viewed on a portable video device like a PSP but you can't just watch two minutes worth, it just doesn't seem right.

With Facebook and Twitter I can, at a glance, see what people are getting up to. The only frustration with this is not being able to keep tabs on everyone.

With a quick check on Hotmail and Yahoo mail I can see who's trying to contact me. I can also see who's done what with my Facebook account and who's commented on my blogs.

With meebo I can manage all of my messaging accounts in one window.
I can blog on Blogger and it appears, as if by magic, on Facebook.

I love widgets and tools and shortcuts. I don't understand it all but I'm hungry for the knowledge.

But for some people this is an alien world, one inhabited by geeks and weirdos.
So I think I have become one of those weirdos.

I don't get Second Life. I don't do World of Warcraft. But I do do Tinternet.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't left the home environment for nearly 3 years now - whats web 2.0? PS. Note to self....must get out more.