Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Bye bye Blair

If it were anyone else, then I could get excited about Blair's departure.

I know the world's media are setting up camp to record his resignation speech but frankly - I'm not bothered.

I have got to the stage where I can't bear to listen to the painful hesitant staccato of his spoken voice. I don't like being able to file and paint my nails in between the words of his sentences. I don't file and paint my nails during this time - I'm just annoyed that I could. I feel he's wasting my time.

Just talk more quickly Mr Blair and I might be bothered to listen.


Anonymous said...

What I really wanted to happen was for him to change his mind and NOT resign, just to humiliate all the media who were camped out last night delivering news BEFORE it happened! I find that REALLY annoying.

Ann said...

Yep, but then he'd be called a liar again.

Anonymous said...

Cough. What's wrong with the media?

Anonymous said...

Classic Bliar quote over Northern Ireland. "Now is not the time for soundbites. Pause. But I feel the hand of history on my shoulder."

Ah, you couldn't make it up.
This is your friend up north, btw, but I am not logged on.

Anonymous said...

Not all media, just BBC sensationalisation of news!
And ITV, and Daily Mail, The Sun, Channel 5, Express - etc. etc. But NOT the Guardian!

Anonymous said...

I was only joking!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were, but just wanted to cover my bases just in case!!!!