Monday, 21 May 2007

Pandora's box

Have I told you about I don't think I have. How remiss of me.

You have Karen to thank for this. She and I were trading web finds, and Pandora is a little gem.

To explain Pandora I would have to start by pointing you in the direction of the Human Genome Project.

Part of the aim of the Human Genome Project is to "characterise the nature, distribution and evolution of genetic variation in humans and other organisms."

Well imagine if someone did that for music. Imagine if someone were to characterise the nature, evolution and variation in music.

That's why Pandora calls itself the Music Genome Project. It generates radio stations based on the music you tell it you like. It looks at the music you tell it you like and finds music with similar characteristics.

I've only just started playing with Pandora but it is fun and I recommend you play too. Enjoy.


northernlight said...

It is very clever. I only liked one of the suggested songs it recommended which made me think I was a bit unpredictable in my musical tastes. Going to try other tunes to see what it chucks at me..

Anonymous said...

Bugger, I could become very addicted to this.