Sunday, 20 May 2007

Canvassing erection opinion

It's camping time again. Next weekend we will be off to Sandwich to spend a few days under canvas, except these days it isn't canvas, it's probably nylon.

I do remember the good old days of real canvas and thought that the "Don't touch the tent!" when the tent was wet, only applied in old fashioned tents. It doesn't. Even modern tents should not be touched when wet. This is why we had the tent out of its bag today.

Last Spring bank holiday was a wet one. We were in Rendlesham forest and we spent one day under a gazebo watching the children making mud pies.

We discovered that when the water pools on the tent it drips through to the inside. I'm sure even the non campers among you will appreciate that this is not desirable. So today we waterproofed the tent, although the nice man in Millets did tell me we'll still get the drip problem with pooling water.

The other thing I thought today was "This tent is a nightmare to erect for the uninitiated." Which is OK for us because we're not camping virgins, but my boss is.

Brendan (boss) is borrowing our tent later this year. He anticipates that this first foray into the world of tent pegs and sleeping bags will be a disaster. I have, until now, assured him he'll enjoy the experience. Having re-evaluated the complexity of tent erection, I think I'll have to come clean and warn him to expect a nightmare. What do you think, should I leave him in the dark or enlighten him?

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