Saturday, 12 May 2007

I nipped out to the shops

I nipped into town today to get a couple of things I'd forgotten in the main shop yesterday.

This is what I came back with:

8 a pack of birthday cards for girls, £3.00
Because Hannah and Ethan have lots of birthdays in the next few weeks. I would have bought some for boys but there weren't any.

5 packs of 5 parachute men, 99p each
Pack of stencil rulers, £1.49
2 packs of 20 gel pens with a notebook, £1.99 each
Because I need party bag gifts for Hannah and Ethan's parties.

4 packs of Jumbo chalks, 99p each
For pavement art activity at Hannah and Ethan's parties.

2 mugs, £1.49 each
Because they matched the shape of ones we've already got and they had a similar design.

A towelling poncho with a shark design on it, £4.00
Because when I wrap a towel round Ethan after his swimming lesson it always falls off and he gets cold and the towel gets soaked on the wet floor.

2 egg and spoon race kits, £6.00 each
For parties again.

Orange squash, 99p
One of the items I forgot.

2 packs of 10 Max strength cold and flu remedy, £1.05 each
Something I'd forgotten and because I'm feeling grotty. I would have bought three but boy on the checkout wouldn't let me. I did explain that if I was going to commit suicide I wouldn't choose Sainsbury's own brand Lemsip. We then got into a conversation about jumping in front of trains. I thought it was a very inconsiderate way to end things. Apart from the sheer inconvenience there's the guilt that one inflicts upon the driver. Apparently trains used to have 'things' on the front to move bodies out of the way and it used to reduce injury. Checkout boy's dad used to drive trains so I was talking to an expert.

Fire blanket, £9.00
Because my tumble dryer late night episode and my habit of leaving grill and hob on make me think it's probably a good idea. Oh, and it was reduced from £12.00.

So items I went into town to buy - £3.09
Items I didn't plan to buy - £43.36


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