Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Should I?

So I've been invited on a jolly. I'm not the only one, so have a few others in the department. The thing is, I think I'm the only one who might accept, which puts me in an awkward situation.

The invitation:

XXX company's crew is pleased to invite you to join us for a day's sailing on the Solent, one of the best sailing spots in the country. The Solent will provide the perfect setting for a day of cruising and racing on the waters, soaking up the beautiful views, and indulging in good food and fine wine when we anchor up for a delicious, leisurely lunch.

Departure: 10am
Estimated return to marina: 6pm

Please RVSP. Full details will follow on receipt of your acceptance.
We very much hope you'll be able to join us for what promises to be an immensely enjoyable day!

Now I know that Tracey and Brendan will also have received invites. Neither likes being on the water and will decline.

Well I'm no sailor either, despite being in a sailing club when younger and going out in Wayfarers out of Brixham harbour on numerous weekends, but this day is a work day. What would you choose: work or a day on the Solent? For me it seems to be a no-brainer.

This company isn't trying to sell me anything as we already have a contract in place. The people I've met in the team seem like people I could easily spend a day with but I feel guilty about accepting the invitation.

Tracey works more closely with this company and Brendan's the boss. I'm invited to make up the numbers, I think.

So I feel a bit guilty because it would just be a jolly. There would be no work, and it is a work day and I'm pretty sure the company doesn't pay me to have fun. This would be one third of my working week.

I don't quite know where this puritanical streak comes from and I'd quite like to eradicate it. I've never been comfortable with corporate hospitality even when I was providing the hospitality. It's all just too contrived.

So should I accept? I know I'd be daft not to but I'd also have to live with this awkward guilt feeling.


northernlight said...

Accept. If you get any puritanical guilt pangs, drown them out by repeating: "I am networking."

Ann said...

I'm a middle aged wife, and mother of two. What do I need with networking? And I haven't got a thing to wear...

northernlight said...

You are not middle aged. As for not having anything to wear, what about the Debenhams version of Trinny and Susannah?
It might be fun...

Ann said...

Well I've not found one person who's said 'don't go'. Difficult to justify not going now. :)

Ann said...

Oh, and by definition, I am middle aged.

northernlight said...

But you don't seem middle-aged to me.