Friday, 25 May 2007

Mrs Grumpy

OK, car is half packed for camping.

I am a bit grumpy. Would be grumpier if hadn't had a few glasses of wine.

Have you seen the weather forecast? I'd be better off pitching the bloody tent in the back garden.

I phoned Mel to suggest alternative based in more waterproof accommodation, i.e. our houses. I was thinking we could still spend time together, just without the camping piece. The kids could do sleepovers and we could find indoor activities. Mel was a walkover, persuaded in five secs flat.

I phoned Sandra and she was immovable, intransigent and plain bloody stubborn. She's promised the kids a camping holiday and she's not got the gumption to provide them with an alternative.

Well if she's not backing down, I'm damned if I am, but Mel is because I did my sales pitch. The agreed wisdom is that we'll bail on Sunday.

Sunday's weather forecast is - thunderstorms.



Anonymous said...

Excuse me - mel did not back down she was awaiting futrher instruction

Ann said...

Er, this was written at the point when Mel said "We might visit you" clearly indicating she would not be pitching a tent. Granted you came through in the end and actually Sandra proved to be the biggest wimp. :)