Thursday, 10 May 2007

An open letter

Dear Mr Sky,

Your Sky box and dish have once again failed to provide a continuously good picture, breaking up every five seconds with pixelation and a frozen image, sometimes with no image at all.

We have paid for visits by service engineers in the past and they have provided a fix that, as is evident by the current lack of service, has been temporary.

We called to discuss potential remedies just the other night. You kept us waiting on hold for 40 minutes and after fruitless routines (that can also be found on your website) you advised us the only solution was a service call.

The cost of the service call would be £65 and would guarantee work for a mere three months.

In addition to the problems with quality of service I also resent the way that the service you offer increase by beyond anything close to the rate of inflation.

I'm sure you think you have us over a barrel. We don't have access to cable so if we want a wide variety of channels we have no choice.

Well you're wrong.

We don't watch much TV and we think you provide really poor value and service for the money you charge.

We will not be held hostage by such a greedy corporate monster that has zero regard for customer service.

On Monday I ordered a Freeview box. It arrived today. It took 5 minutes to install and cost a mere £40. The picture it delivers is vastly superior to the poor quality you have served up.

As a result we will be cancelling and in summary - "Ner ner ne ner ne!"

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Smug of Brentwood


Anonymous said...

Having previously worked for Mr Bstard Murdoch I can wholeheartedly echo those sentiments..

Rodrigo said...

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Ann said...

Terrible kind of you but I don't have any need for a personalised T-shirt.