Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Pimms o'clock

You don't want to know about Mel getting drunk do you? You do? Ok then.

It was our turn to provide the evening meal on Sunday night. As I've already explained this was the wettest Spring Bank Holiday on record. So when we were considering which culinery delight to prepare for our friends we had to factor in the heavy rain and blustery winds. So fish and chips it was then, from the chippy around the corner from the campsite.

So as Dave was dispatched to do the hunter gatherer piece, we started drinking. Boys started on beer and the girls started on Pimms. As part of the over the top packing for camping I had made sure we had a huge jug and six large glasses. Sandra had made sure we had the cucumber and fruit although I think we omitted the mint. We have a history of Pimms while camping.

Fish and chips came, were eaten and thus disappeared, as did more beer and Pimms.

At some point the children were bundled into their beds.

I was so tired that I was the first to turn in at about 10:30. Sandra followed, which left Mel drinking with the boys, which is how she came to finish off the Pimms bottle.

Which is why she was feeling a bit iffy at five in the morning. Which is why she was washing and cleaning her tent until about seven in the morning. Oops. Gary was unimpressed and poor Mel ended up doing laundry and cleaning for most of the day.


Anonymous said...

All Lies of course!

Ann said...

An anonymous comment! Come on could have pretended to be someone else.