Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Restoring decorum

We packed a lot for our little camping sojourn.

A Galaxy is a huge vehicle. We had three seats folded flat and the car was loaded to the roof.

The gazebo (bought because I thought it might rain) was a lifesaver. It might weigh 23 kilos and be about five foot long when packed, but it coped admirably with the light rain and the side panels protected us from the cold wind.

When the rain turned nasty, and trust me it did, the gazebo leaked like a sieve. As we were dining beneath it at the time, we needed a quick fix. We all started thinking, which was a challenge as we'd started on beer and Pimms.

I remembered we'd also packed a huge plastic tarpaulin (6m x 4m). So the next ten minutes were spent fixing a sheet of plastic over the gazebo, thus restoring decorum.

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