Thursday, 31 May 2007

Secret of success

I just listened to a snippet of a radio programme with Tim Smith - the man behind the Eden project in Cornwall.

He has achieved something amazing against the odds and the programme was seeking to find the secret to his success. I quite liked a couple of his thoughts and thought I'd share them with you.

Firstly he talks about future truths, which is another way of describing lying.

He says that you are far less likely to achieve your goals if you use language like 'I hope to...', or 'I want to...'. He has operated his life by saying things like 'I am going to build the Eden project' when he didn't know whether it was possible, or 'We have got the financial backing for the project' when he didn't.

He describes these as future truths because they are things that he wants to be true and if they are spoken they create such internal shame because they are a lie, that there is an imperative to make it true.

And the other thing I liked was the Tinkerbell principle. This is the principle that if you tell enough people something is true, then it becomes reality.

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