Saturday, 5 May 2007

Party season

Hannah had a brthday party to attend today. Neither Dave or I wanted to go, and I think that Hannah is still at the age when the parents hang around 'just in case'.

To decide who would take her I asked "Hannah, who do you want to take you to Jack's party?"

I could have predicted the "Daddy!" response.

I knew Dave knows the other parents even less than I do so I tried to persuade Hannah that I should take her. She wouldn't succumb. I then persuaded Dave that he should try and escape.

Hannah wasn't agreeing to that either.

So Dave took Hannah and stayed.

It was a party in a hall with an entertainer, which seems to be the norm. Apparently Skittleman is very good, which explains his lack of availability. His entire year seems to get booked in about February.

Hannah did enjoy herself, and, unusually, Dave did too. I say unusually because these events are run for the children and not the adults. The fact that the entertainer sought to involve the grown ups is unusual.

This was Hannah's first party of the year. It gave me a read on the number of children to invite, the type of entertainment expected, and the party bag standard

I need to start thinking about dates. Unlike the rest of Brentwood I didn't plan this in February. But then I won't be using a hall or an entertainer. Our garden is just about big enough and I'm sure I can think up some silly games that will entertain. I might even call it a 'Good old fashioned party with jelly and ice cream (for the non vegetarians and those without a dairy intolerance)'.

Bad mother!


northernlight said...

The entertainer sounds great. But you can't beat an old fashioned party in the garden.

Ann said...

That's what I'm hoping, oh, and that it doesn't rain.