Tuesday, 22 May 2007

NHS reform

I think most people, mainly women, should be given the opportunity to go through the programme 'How to Look Good Naked'.

Firstly Gok Wan, the presenter, seems like a nice person to spend a few days with but mainly the process gives women confidence without cosmetic surgery.

There are shows like 'Ten Years Younger' who claim manage to reduce someones perceived age, based on appearance, but, in my opinion, they cheat because they use cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dental work and botox.

Gok just takes women who feel unhappy with their body and he just encourages them to take care of their appearance, wear clothes that accentuate the positive and, most importantly, he encourages women to view their bodies with a different mindset.

It's such a positive programme, although I think if it becomes widely available the programme could dispense with the cameras.

I know too many women who aren't happy with the tummy, or boobs, or bum, or thighs, or knees, or ankles, or arms, or neck. And the irony is that most of these women have other women who envy them. If they had the Gok treatment they'd be happier people. It's just such an easy thing and it could improve people's quality of life. I reckon it could reduce the anti-depressants prescribed by doctors which brings me to the killer idea:
Gok on the NHS. I'll be first up to the doctor looking for a referral.


northernlight said...

It is one of the few watchable things on tv at the moment. Apart from Gordon Ramsay, The Apprentice and Dr Who.

Ann said...

Good job you watched f word and not Whistleblower tonight. You'd never shop in a supermarket again, you secret Tesco shopper you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right, tis a brilliant program. Although I was disappointed tonight to find out that eye cream doesn't work!!! OK, tell me what they said about Tesco. I am already overwhelmed with guilt when I go there.