Monday, 7 May 2007

A good day to sort things

Today we were going to have a picnic. A civilised affair at a local park was what we planned. A fine dining experience that afforded the children some fresh air and exercise via bicycle and scooter.

Anyway, the heavens opened today so we chickened out. Everyone piled into our house instead. Oh, and the fine cuisine was actually normal picnic food (who was I kidding).
So while it chucked it down the children trashed the house and the adults did what we do well, talked rubbish.

But from the chat came some good. All of the women have recently been left at home with the children while husbands have gone away for trips with the lads. We decided we needed to even the score, a bit. So we have chosen a weekend and a destination, and 'the girls' will be going away for a spa weekend.

The men realised it's been a while since they've gone out together and become completely legless under the guise of a brewery tour, or similar. There was agreement to sort something out, fairly soon, and a venue was selected.


northernlight said...

If it is any consolation, the weather was foul oop north. And you get to escape for a mini-spa-break.

Ann said...

Well except that because it's father's day it now appears we are postponing to September.
I might book something for June anyway - just for me.

Anonymous said...

You should do, you deserve it. I seem to remember wasn't he away for Mother's Day?

Ann said...

Or July.