Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Weird dreams

I had a weird dream last night. It was weird for a number of reasons.

I rarely remember dreams.

There were a strange combination of people in this dream: a friend, someone who was my manager years ago and Tony Blair.

The reason I was in the dream was strange: I was attending an event and my entry had been arranged by my friend on the basis that I would provide after dinner entertainment - singing. I can't sing, at all.

It was quite a posh do and I sat down to dinner with my ex manager and Tony Blair. I was bluffing my way through why I was there and I was increasingly nervous because I knew I couldn't sing and I didn't know where my friend was.

After dinner I was at the bar with my friend who was calming me down, and reassuring me that everything would be fine.

I know that one isn't supposed to die in dreams and I think this is true. My dream stopped before I had to sing, because if I had, I'd have died from embarrassment.


Rodrigo said...

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Ann said...

I've told you before I don't want your t-shirts. Now stop spamming me.

Anonymous said...

I dreamt the other night that I met Blur, Damon Albarn asked me to play the maracas in his band, which I did - and I think I did it well because everyone was dancing.
I think you were there Ann, dancing to my maracas.

Ann said...

I doubt was there - I'm not good at dancing either.