Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Call the harassment hotline!

Stefan was complaining today that he'd got the arsehole card. He was whinging that everyone was picking on him, especially me.

He had a point.

But, and I know his girlfriend will read this, I remember when I first encountered Stefan.

Karen sat next to me in the office and this German guy kept coming over and being really rude to her. I asked he who he was, because he was so rude. She told me he wasn't as bad as he seemed.

She was right actually, but I still think he's a bit of a bully. :)

I haven't seen Stefan for ages and, frankly, I think he's missed me.

I think he was complaining today because there were times when he was trying to be nice and I was not reciprocating. Or I wasn't responding in a way he appreciated.

Either way I'm not entirely sure my reaction, to the bullying accusation, "call the harrassment hotline and see if I care" was the most politically correct. Oh dear.

Actually I think he doth complain too much and he likes being the centre of attention.

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